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Chikki Mod Apk

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Android 5.0

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30 MB

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Chikii Game

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Chikki Mod Apk 2023

Chikki Mod Apk 2023

Chikki mod apk vip unlocked has a number of amazing features which stand it alone and up from other apps. This app has easy to use and highly optimised user interface which helps to place heavy console or PC games without lagging a single time. Through this app you can play famous games like GTA 5, Naruto Shippuden, FIFA22, Hitman Elden Ring, Ultimate Ninja storm 4 and much more. This app comes with an easy, simple and advanced control system to play heavy games on android smartphones. You can even customise these controls or you can use external devices like a keyboard or game controller with it using wire or bluetooth. This app auto saves your game where you left so you can easily resume it again when you come back in the app. Many mod features like unlimited coins, money, no waiting time and no ads etc are also available in this provided chikki hack apk.

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Detailed Information

Detailed Information

Chikki is an amazing social app providing a platform to play heavy console or PC games on your android mobile. Most of the games required a high specs PC to play. So not everyone can afford to get heavy PC specs of PC to play these games. So this app comes with an easy solution to play these heavy specs games to play using your high end or low end mobile phones.

As this game does not require too much high specs mobile phone you can easily run this app and enjoy games. All you need is a good internet connection. Controls of the games are amazing, the user interface is clean & simple, and powerful servers are there to stream games without lagging. And the most important feature is auto save the game state from where you’ve left. Collectively these features make this app amazing and best from other apps. 

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Features of Chikki App

Features of Chikki App

Chikki app comes with a lot of amazing and easy to use features like play pc games, highly optimised app, auto save, easy control system,. External controller, chat rooms, high end graphics etc. Let’s discuss these features in depth. 

Play PC Games

Play PC Games

Usually you can play console or PC games on a computer or laptop only. But this chikki mod apk for android provides golden opportunity to play these high specs games with your android smartphones. The games are not normal games which you can play. You can play GTA 5, Elden Ring, FIFA22 like famous games with this app. Many gamers make their server and put these servers on a chikki app. You can virtually connect with these servers using this app and can play your favourite games without any hustle. 

Highly Optimised App

This app has the ability to run any heavy game into its interface so that’s why we call it a highly optimised app. You can play high specs games without lagging or with your low end specs smartphone. This is because of the excellent optimisation of this app. All you need is a good internet connection. 

Auto Save

Auto Save

Sometimes your mobile got shut down or you lost an internet connection then in other cases you may lose the game or you’ll continue from that state. But this game has the ability to auto save your state in the game so you can easily rejoin the game from where you left last time. So this auto save option helps a lot. 

Easy Control System

The controls of the game are easily accessible and easy to approach on the screen. Unlike pc games it doesn’t have complex keys to control the game. You can even customise these controls according to your choice so you can make it even more easy to use. 

External Controllers

If you don’t like to put your toes on the screen all the time. This app gives you the opportunity to connect any keyboard or game controller. You can connect your controller or keyboard with this app using Bluetooth or wire. In this way you can make your playing experience more comfortable. 

Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are used to connect with different users of the app or game. Thousands of chat rooms are available in the app to talk to strangers or with your friends. You can even create your own chat room to add your friends or family members. 

Extreme Graphics

Extreme Graphics

If you don’t get HD graphics in games then you don’t get the real joy of the game. This app is highly optimised which provides extreme graphics to its users. You can play 3D games and HD graphics smoothly with this app. 

Features of Chikki Mod Apk

This modified version comes with important features which can make your gaming life easy. This chikki emulator mod apk provides you unlimited coins, no waiting time, and ads free experience. Let’s talk these features in details

Unlimited Coins or Money

Unlimited Coins or Money

Coins are the game currency which you use to unlock different items in the game. This mod apk provides you an unlimited amount of coins which you can use to unlock items, play PC games etc. So you don’t need to pay anything to anyone to get these coins and play games. 

Skip Waiting Time

To play any console or PC game you have to be in the long run queue in the actual app or you can use your coins to lower down this queue. But in this chikki mod apk you can skip this waiting time and can play games instantly. This feature really helps you to make your experience smooth. 

Ads Free

It’s a human psyche that he doesn’t want to wait to do something. So to counter this issue this chikki hack apk comes with no ads. All advertisements in the app pre blocked and removed. So you can enjoy the game without being distracted. 

Users Review

A lot of coins, wait and patience required to play games with the actual chikki android app. You have to spend money to buy coins and wait to pass a long queue to play any game. If you survive from all of these then ads will make your gaming experience more annoying. To counter all these issues chikki mod apk is the best app to use. You can easily ignore all ads, long waiting times to make your experience smooth. So users of chikki hack apk recommend downloading chikki mod apk vip unlocked using the button provided below. 

Downloading and Installation process

  • Download your game from our website
  • Download Mod Apk
  • Enable Install from Unknown sources from settings of your smartphone


After analysing features and options of both apps. We reached the conclusion that chikki mod apk provides a smooth experience to its users as compared to chikki app. It has unlimited coins to unlock things, skip the waiting time and most importantly remove the annoying ads. Click on the download button to download the app from Apkyr.com.


Can I use Chikki Mod Apk without an internet connection?

Sadly no, as you have to connect with remote servers to play games. You have to have a good connection to the internet to connect and play.

How to download chikki mod apk latest version?

You can download from this website. Just click on the download button and the download will begin into your notification bar.

How to download chikki mod apk for ios?

Unfortunately, this app is not available for IOS devices. You can download and install on android devices only.