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Dragon Village Mod APK 2023

Download Dragon Village Mod APK Unlimited Food & Gems

So if you are interested in raising big dragons then download dragon village mod apk 2022 and enjoy dragon village with multiple features for free. The game requires you to complete some of its important tasks like feeding dragons, care them, and watch growing the with necessary things they need in their growth. The game is just like a real form where you are responsible to look after all animals in your custody. If you failed to raise a dragon in a perfect way then you will be punished in the form of a game loss and credit deduction. Another important thing all players should keep in their mind is that you have to be friendly with dragons just like you are with your house pets. After raising some of the dragons and getting points and enough credits in the game you can unlock other opportunities in the game. Raising some basic dragons you can level up yourself for the premium and best dragons.

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Main features

Dragon Village comes with many amazing features that will enhance your dragon-raising experience. Some of these core features are as below:

Simple Gameplay

Simple Gameplay

The simple gameplay lets you play any kind of game for a long time without getting bored, dragon village mod apk free shopping offers you interesting gameplay with simple and smooth controls where everything is under your access. You have to manage things to run your firm like a pro-farmer. All dragons in the game will be created by users and players. After creating a dragon you can unlock other dragons.

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Various Dragons

Various Dragons

The game has 150+ dragons and all are unlocked dragon village mod apk vip. if you want to enjoy the real fun of the game then play it level by level and unlock dragons yourself. This will let you feel the sense of doing something for getting an important dragon. Once you have raised a dragon successfully then going to the next dragons will let you know that each dragon has its own qualities, needs, and importance.

Dungeon Stage

You can show off your skills in Dungeon stage features, If your performance satisfies the big monsters then you will be rewarded with extra game credits and new challenges. Showing your skills in front of giants is important to have a main role in the game.

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This is not only a single-player game but multiple players can also play it with each other. The game offers an amazing feature of PvP where you can arrange dragon fight competitions and realize them you strongly you have raised your dragons on the form.

2D World

2D World

Dragon village 7.33 mod apk let you create your own 2D world with teams and dragons. You can create teams, dragons, and other important things for the game purpose. The game gives you the extra advantage of being a master of your own 2D world which is filled with various dragons.

Mod Features

dragon village mod apk old version offers these mod features that will enhance the gaming experience with huge extra advantages:

Unlimited Food

Anyone who is raising someone must need food requirements for the person or animal which is his adaptation same as in Dragon Village Mod APK comes with unlimited food for players who want to raise their dragons in a unique way within time. When you have good food in large quantities you can raise all dragons easily. Enjoy unlimited food for your dragons on the farm which you own. With this feature, you will never focus on unimportant things rather your complete focus will be on the real needs of your form or world. Grow dragons without worry about their food shortage.

Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Gems in Dragon Village Mod APK are also important for the creators and players. With these gems, you can purchase important items for your dragons and unlock some important features of the game instantly. Have unlimited gems and show wonders in the game with these important credits.


Build your own world with Dragon Village Mod APK and enjoy the raising process of dragons. Learn about dragons, their needs, and requirements, and have a good grip on your main skill to raise a dragon. With the simple and interesting gameplay of the game, you will enjoy the game with complete fun and entertainment.