GTA SA Lite Mod Apk + OBB Data | Download Latest version 2024

Updated February 10, 2024
NameGTA SA Lite
PublisherRockstar Games
Latest Versionv11.0
Size283 MB
MOD FeaturesMOD Menu
Rating Count60341

Graphics and Animations, Languages, Variety of Weapons, Lite version

GTA SA lite APK is a crime-based simulator game based on the story of a former gangster named Carl Johnson (CJ). It’s a lightweight game as compared to the original GTA SA which is specially designed and developed to run on low-end devices with less RAM, CPU, and storage memory. As this game is paid on Play Store we are providing you with free APK + OBB data. You can enjoy killing people and stealing their cars, bikes, and motorcycles. You can also enjoy swimming. Running on the streets, fighting with other people, flying jets & helicopters, and messing up with the police servants.

GTA SA Lite Mod Apk 2024

GTA SA Lite mod Apk
GTA SA Lite Apk

The story of the game is that some gangsters killed the mother of CJ. So he returned to his hometown Los Santos to get revenge on the culprits who were behind his mother’s killing. You can follow the mission to take revenge on culprits by killing them. As you will follow the mission you will understand the real story behind CJ’s life.


The main character of GTA SA lite APK returned to his hometown Los Santos to get revenge on his mother’s killers. Los Santos is full of gangsters who are doing crimes openly. Previously you were also part of these crimes. There are two modes that you can follow in the game one is to play freely, roam on streets, steal cars, and guns, and kill people to loot their money and the second is to follow the mission to help CJ to kill his mother’s killers.

Playing freely is easy to play but in missions, you will find some difficulties to play as it’s hard to follow and fulfill missions. You can go to restaurants with your girlfriend for dinner. Also, in a Barber’s shop for hair cuts or garments store to dress up nicely. There are more luxury vehicles available to buy in the game and enjoy rides in these vehicles

Key Features

Key Features

GTA SA lite mod APK is loaded with exceptional graphics and animations like the Dead Trigger Mod APK. You can enjoy different features available in this game like using different kinds of weapons to complete missions or killing people on the streets to earn money. Other features are the Lite version, earning money, driving cars, stopping trains flying helicopters, etc.

Graphics and Animations

Graphics and Animations

High-quality graphics and animation in the game engage the user the most like the Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk. This game is loaded with amazing graphics and animation throughout the game. Play the game and complete its missions to enjoy these graphics and animations.



Most of the games only support the standard language English but this lite version game comes with different supported languages like English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese. If you understand these languages then you can choose them throughout the game.

Variety of Weapons

Variety of Weapons

Weapons are an important game element that you can use to get revenge on gangsters or to kill people to earn some money to enjoy your life in the game. There are different variations of weapons available in the game which you can buy from stores or you can steal from policemen or gangsters.

Lite version

This version of the game is specially designed for low-end devices that don’t have enough RAM, CPU, and storage memory to install and play the actual version of this game. Hence Rockstar Productions came up with an idea to grab these users too to provide them with a lite version of the game so they can easily play on their low-end devices.

Earn Money

Money is used to buy characters’ dresses from garment stores, take your girlfriend to dinner in restaurants, buy weapons and vehicles, etc. So you can kill people to steal their money or you can complete the mission to help CJ to get revenge on gangsters and in the reward, you will get money to spend. You can also drive a bus to reach passengers to their destination and get money as a reward. You can be a pizza delivery boy to earn money.

Buy CJ’s Accessories

You can dress up your character by visiting garment stores, getting tattoos, and getting new hairstyles from a barber’s shop.  All these options are available in the game to play and enjoy.

Complete Missions

The story behind this game is to get revenge on the gangsters who killed CJ’s mother. So you have to complete missions to kill people at different stages and in the reward you will get money and weapons which you can use further in the game.

Drive Vehicles

Different kinds of normal and luxury 200+ vehicles are available in the game which you can buy from the vehicle’s showroom or you can steal from another driver or the showroom. So you can enjoy the rides of luxury cars in the game.

Long Car Jumps

Long Car Jumps

Flying a car in the air and making a drift from it is everyone’s favorite hobby. GTA SA lite apk provides you this facility to make a drift from a car or you can fly your car in the air. To fly your car in the air you have to find a sloopy spot from where you can fly your car in the air. YOu have to run your car at a speed and run over from this sloopy area.

Stop Train

Stopping a train is not an easy task for anyone can do. But you can use different weapons and things to stop the train in the game. Through vehicles in the front of the train, gerned, bombs to stop the train.

Fly Helicopters And Jetpacks

Fly Helicopters And Jetpacks

Do you want to enjoy the aerial view of Los Santos? You can enjoy aerial views with the help of helicopters which are available on the helipads. You have to find a helipad spot to get into helicopters and fly it. You can also jump from helicopters with the help of jetpacks which will help you to easily land on the surface.

Swim In The Sea

Previously when you entered the sea you sank into the water. But in the latest version, this feature introduced that you can enjoy swimming in the sea. You can go from one side to another side by swimming or can go deep inside the sea.

Android Requirements

This game is specially designed for low-end devices so you can play this game on Android version 4.0+. All the latest versions of Androids are supported with it like Android 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, as well as 12.

Users Review

After getting reviews from different players I can conclude that no one will face no lag in this game on low-end devices too. You can complete missions, buy weapons, and cars, earn money, fly helicopters, and other features as well. If you have high-end devices with more RAM, CPU, and storage you can enjoy the original version of this game.

How to Download & install

  • Download your required file from our website.
  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Enable installation from unknown sources
  • You have to move your GTA San Andreas Lite data into the folder of Android/data available in the file manager app of your phone.


You can download it by using the download button available above.

There are 29 missions available to play in this game.

Yes definitely, You can play it on Android Emulator.


If you want to enjoy the original version of GTA SA lite Apk then you can buy it from the Play Store as it is a paid game. But we are providing you with a paid version of this game for free. You can download it and enjoy the infinite features available throughout the game. You can complete missions and roam on the streets to randomly kill people to earn money. Download GTA SA lite mod apk and enjoy.