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Immortal Taoist MOD APK V1.7.7 | Unlimited Spirit Jade and Free Purchase

Updated February 9, 2024
NameImmortal Taoist MOD APK
PublisherEntrepreneur Game
Latest Versionv1.7.7
Size46 mb
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Spirit Jade and Mod Menu
Rating Count13,600

Being an avid player of Immortal Taoists – Idle Manga, you may have faced many challenges in the game regarding in-game currencies. The latest version of Immortal Taoist MOD APK provides you with unlimited money, gold, treasures, and premium features and you can download it for free from our website.

In the game, your ultimate task is to protect your village from demons and evils just like in the game Idle Heroes Mod APK. To do this, you need money to upgrade your fighting skills and kung fu techniques. So stay with us until the end, and you will be able to download and install the mod and get unlimited features for free.

immortal taoist mod apk

What is the Immortal Taoist MOD APK? 

The immortal Taoist MOD is an RPG game developed by the Entrepreneur Game. In this story-based game, you’ll find yourself in a world overrun by demons. These creatures have stolen the joy from people’s lives by devastating the village. As the main character and spiritual guide of your village, you must restore happiness and hope. Your mission is to help your fellow villagers to recover from the disaster.

To do that, you need to earn money and provide them with food and other basic resources of life. You have to play multiple roles like a farmer to provide food, a monk to serve his people, and a fighter to protect your villagers from demons and enemies. Build shelters and bases to collect resources that will assist you in making more shelters for the villagers. To provide food, you need to hunt the animals.

Sometimes it’s difficult for many players to earn money and feed the villagers. Many players face this challenge and it requires a lot of time and hard work. So for that purpose, we bring you the latest version of Immortal Taoist MOD, which provides you with unlimited money treasures, and much more.

The MOD grants you all the premium features of the game for free; with these features, you can easily complete all the levels without any hustle. These features include unlimited money, cultivation, jazz, and spirit that will help you to become immortal with demons and evil powers. 

Immortal Taoist MOD APK Features

Unlimited Money

Most of the players in the game face money problems because it is really hard to make money in the game. The immortal Taoist mod version provides you with unlimited money and resolves the issue of many players. With unlimited money, you can easily buy all the paid features without worrying about getting out of funds.

MOD Menu

This mod feature opens a wide range of possibilities for the players. The mod menu allows you to use the premium features in the menu for free. Which you can easily access whenever you want.

Ads free

Ads pop up during the game and that is annoying and frustrating. But you don’t need to worry anymore because this mod also provides ads for free gaming.

Unlock bonus rewards

Rewards and bonuses in the game can be earned by completing specific tasks and missions. But if you want all these unlocked, you need to download this mod.

Unlimited Cultivation

The Immortal Taoist app also grants you unlimited cultivation. Which plays a vital role in the game. You can use cultivation to learn different skills like kung fu and martial arts so that you can easily defeat demons and evils.

All Unlocked

Most of the players can’t afford the premium features in the game. But the mod APK provides all the premium features in the game for free. Which means you don’t need to spend a single penny for purchasing.

immortal taoist mod apk unlimited money

Gameplay of Immortal Taoist MOD APK

The gameplay is simple and easy and everyone can play it without getting stuck at a level. A clear set of instructions are provided before proceeding to a level. You can choose from a set of characters at the beginning and till the end, you remain with the same character. You can’t change the character in the middle of the game so choose wisely at the beginning. Once you choose a character you are assigned different tasks which you have to manage in time to complete the mission. As mentioned above, you will play multiple roles like farmer, hunter, and monk. With these roles, you perform farming and hunting in the game to generate resources and make money.

General Features of Immortal Taoist APK

Kung Fu Skills

Learning Kung Fu Skills is essential because as a leading character, you have to protect your fellow villagers from demons and evils, and you need fighting skills to be able to protect the villagers from the enemies.


Treasure boxes play a vital role in the game. With these boxes, you can get multiple powers which helps to boost the character’s energy.

Martial art

Learning martial arts is as important as Kung Fu Skills. This skill also helps you to combat your enemies more skillfully and technically, which will eventually grant you victory.

Multiple Mode

One of the best features of this game is that it offers both online and offline modes. Players who don’t have the privilege of the internet can play this game offline and players who have access to the internet can connect with multiple players around the world.

Character Customization

Another good feature of this game is its character customization. With this feature, you can customize your character with your choice. You can change its looks, try on different costumes, and can unveil its power.

Companion hunt

With this amazing feature of the game, you can play the game with anyone like your friend and a family member. This feature increases the overall excitement of the game as playing with friends is more fun.

Base Class

The immortal Taoist mod also features a base class. Base class means that there are different sets of stories in the game. You have to choose a story and a character according to it, and then you start to play it.


Daode Tianzun is also the highest Taoist god, also known as the Lord of Man who is the founder of Taoism. He is the most eminent and aged ruler.

To be a better Taoist, focus on simplicity, balance, and harmony in your life. Incorporate practices like meditation, both stillness and internal alchemy, to find inner peace.


Immortal Taoist MOD APK is loved by millions of people and played all around the world. It is a game just like Clash of Clans where you have to build a stronger base to protect your people. You learn different attacking strategies to defeat the enemies. So download now and enjoy a bundle of resources for free.