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Updated February 13, 2024
NameMistplay Mod Apk
Latest Versionv5.56.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Points & Units
Rating Count21100

Mistplay Mod Apk is an Android application in which you can play different games and earn real-time rewards and bonuses. These rewards can be redeemed for gift cards, Uber, Spotify, and many more. So to earn these gifts and rewards, you have to play more and progress in the in-app games and you will get units and points which you can convert for cash and prizes.

Earning points and rewards in the games is not an easy task. Most players can’t play games all the time which makes them nearly impossible to earn gifts. So to win gifts and rewards, you can download the latest version of the Mistplay Mod. The mod will grant you unlimited points and units free of cost.

Moreover, the application also provides real-time chatting with friends just like WhatsApp Prime APK and also provides weekly bonuses. So stay with us till the end and learn to unlock multiple features of the game.

Mistplay Mod APK

What is Mistplay Mod Apk?

The Mistplay mod application is a platform developed by MISTPLAY. This platform provides you with multiple games which you can play for free. Playing games from this application is fun as the games provide entertainment for hours and earning rewards increases the pleasure of the game. When you play a game from this application, you get points and units and surprisingly these units help you to redeem gift cards and rewards from Amazon, Visa, Apple, eBay, etc.

The rewards and units in the original app are premium and require a lot of points. But by downloading the mod version of the game, the problem vanishes as it provides you with unlimited points and units that you can use for shopping.

Moreover, the mistplay hack also provides a multiplayer environment where you can invite your friends to play together and invite them to challenges in the game. 

The app features a variety of games that include action, casinos, puzzles, and cards. These games are really easy to play and therefore you can easily get your rewards. You can play these games every day and maintain a streak to earn weekly bonuses.

Mistplay Mod Apk Features

The latest version of mistplay provides players with the premium features of the game for free. Let’s delve into these features.

Unlimited Points and Unit

Being an avid player of the application, you have faced in-game currency issues. It can take you time and money to get these features but don’t worry anymore as this mod comes with unlimited points and units. Now you can redeem these points and buy real gifts.

Mod Menu

The modded version also features a mod menu, which enables you to use unlimited resources and enhanced abilities and also provides you with a more customizable gaming experience.

Ads free

The Mod version of the game is also ads-free like the Hi Waifu Mod APK. You can enjoy the game without getting interrupted by annoying ads.

Free Purchasing and Gifts

One of the best features of this mod is that it provides you with up to $400 gifts and an unlimited amount of points that you can simply use to redeem various gifts.

Mistplay Mod APK Unlimited Points and Units

Mistplay Games List

There are lots of games in the Mistplay application. The main categories are discussed below.

Card game

Card games are really fun to play. As we play card games with friends, it feels like we are playing in real with them.


The puzzle game is also interesting as it requires your thinking powers and makes you able to solve real problems quickly.


Casino games are the best platform to earn real money. You can bet and win rewards and prizes.


Action games are best to play with your friends as they require teamwork and you enjoy chatting with your friends.

Gameplay of  Mistplay Mod Apk

The gameplay  Mistplay is easy and anyone can play it. It contains a simple but unique user interface that attracts users to play games without getting bored.  Furthermore, The graphics of the games are also stunning and players can adjust according to their device’s compatibility. The application contains mini-games which is a good thing because you don’t need to download games separately and it saves your device storage.

The casino game in the application has a separate fan base. Most of the players install this application to play casino games in which they do spins and win multiple rewards. The action games are also loved by the players. These games are newly developed and have unique gameplay that most of the users love about this app. Furthermore, the card and puzzle games also offer an innovative twist with fresh and engaging gameplay.

The multiplayer mode of the game adds excitement to the game. You can send invitations to your friends and family members and play your favorite game together anywhere in the world. You can also earn points and units when a friend of yours downloads the application on your referral link. So discover a new game now and play with your friends collect units and redeem rewards.


You can earn 0.125 cents per unit if you cash in 400 units for a $0.50 Amazon gift card. But if you wait until you have 1,800 units, you can redeem them for a $5 Amazon gift card.

Yes, I used this application and it guarantees the safety of the user’s data.

No, this application is only available on Google Play Store.

Mistplay Review

I played Mistplay Mod APK and can confidently say that it is the best application where you can experience different games on one platform. This application is just like the All Games app, but this application provides you with real-time rewards that are lacking in most of the other applications. These games include action, cards, and Puzzles that everyone loves to play. With 10M+ downloads this app has won the hearts of many users by providing them with rewards and Gifts. Also, this app provides a $ 60 million giveaway so what are you waiting for, click the download button on the top and enjoy playing and start earning gifts.