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Catapult King

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Android 5.0+

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Glinda Games

Catapult King Mod APK 2023

Catapult King Mod APK

The game also has an interesting story where the main character the game is caged in a room and he needs help from players to come out and start his kingdom from the beginning. Rescue the princess and kill all dragons that come your way.

Enjoy this most familiar action game on your Android screen. The game gives you the opportunity to play it with satisfying building and fort-destroying moments. For this purpose, the King Catapults help you and you can complete game tasks easily with their help. The game has different challenging levels and each one of them has its own taste and style to fight against the enemies.

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The Catapult King Mod APK has different amazing features that will enhance your destroying job in the game. Some of its core features are as below:

Become the Catapult

Become the Catapult

This game provides players with an opportunity to become the king of their kingdom. As a king, you can manage your kingdom and all its parts like forts, buildings, soldiers, and other resources of your area.



This is one of the best stories-based games with multiple unforgettable characters and moves where you learn how to continue your story like a powerful hero and win each battle against your powerful enemies.

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Dragons are your big enemies in the game you have to eliminate them. Once you take over all dragons in the game the victory of the game will be on its way for your celebration. Dragons make this game interesting with their killing attacks on the kings, buildings, and players. You have to be aware of their attacks and save yourself from them and keep continuing your battle against the evil forces of the game.



You can power up different parts of the game with earned rewards in your battles against the enemies. Earning rewards in the game is not your headache now because in this game you have unlimited resources to spend for different types of power-ups and purchases.

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Mod Features

catapult king mod apk unlimited Magic has these mod Features:

Unlimited Money

The game comes with unlimited money that can be used for different types of such tasks and activities where you need money. Now anything in the game is available for you because you have unlimited capital. Use this money for upgrading weapons, purchasing new weapons, and customizing different things in the game.

Unlimited Magic Bullets

This is another important feature of the mod version of this game where you can not kill army with simple stone-throwing tasks. For killing the soldiers in the game you need to spend some powerful weapons and that is a magic bullet. With unlimited magic bullets, you can kill as many soldiers as you want in the game. In action games, these types of weapons are helpful for mass killing fun.


Enjoy catapult king mod apk hack download action-based game with all important features like amazing graphics, story-based gameplay, and other core features of the game. Using various types of weapons you can destroy enemies forts and buildings easily. In a mod version of this game you have unlimited money and magic bullets these features are helpful for you to win your game without wasting time on other unrealistic challenges in the game.


What is Catapult King Mod APK?

Catapult King Mod APK is a modified version of the original Catapult King game, which provides additional features and benefits that are not available in the regular version. It is an Android application package file (APK) that has been altered to provide players with advantages like unlimited in-game currency, unlocked levels, or enhanced gameplay.

What features does Catapult King Mod APK offer?

The specific features offered by Catapult King Mod APK may vary depending on the version you find. However, common features found in modded versions may include unlimited gems or coins, unlocked levels, upgraded weapons or power-ups, enhanced graphics, or other modifications that enhance the gameplay experience.

How can I play Catapult King without using a modded APK?

To play Catapult King without using a modded APK, you can download the game from official sources such as Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS). By downloading the game through legitimate channels, you can ensure a safe and fair gaming experience while supporting the developers who worked on the game.